Friday, September 21, 2018

We've got them swinging from the chandeliers tonight!  We couldn't fit another person in sideways.  There is a family in one room, a pastor from Switzerland in another, a lady who works for the Minister of Education in another room, a different pastor in another, Theirry in another, Dorothy in the living room, and a Bible translator who left Bamenda until after the elections in another.  And at 10:30 p.m. the guard woke us up to tell us there was another person who had just arrived!  So I drugged myself downstairs to talk with John.  He had spent two weeks with us and then went to his father's village for a few days.  He was due back tomorrow morning, but decided to come in tonight instead.  Thankfully Theirry has two beds in his room and he is extra flexible and kind.  He was willing to take John in on short notice.  Tomorrow John will get his own room and things will calm down a bit.  Just a little bit.  All the other places where people can stay (SIL, CABTAL, etc.) are full to the max also.  The war in the SW and NW has brought many people to town.  With elections in just nine days, there is much unrest

We leave in the morning for the village.  There will only be six of us in the house so it will seem quite empty after this!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Just came back to Shiloh from the U.S. Embassy Town Meeting.  It was well attended and informative.  Have to type up my notes and get them out to certain ones who asked for them.  Talked about security issues.  Learned some things.  Talked about issues like death and getting a body back to the U.S. for burial.  Talked about being arrested.  And talked about evacuation in addition to other things.  

Afterwards met with a man who is over the Liaison group of people. Discovered that they are modernizing the Warden system and turning it into Liaison instead.  So I got the paper work to sign up for that.

Also met the new Security Officer and learned that he is a Christian.  That's great!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

We are preparing for the village.  Lots of things to pack.  Don't forget the solar lights and our French study Bible.  Food for Papa Pollycarp and Mama Clair.  Cooking for us.  Including extra for the add-ons.  Like Joseph and Jean Magloir.  Looking at various statements of faith from different churches.  Adapting something to propose to Damien and Guy for the church in Eyene.  Realizing that we need to write up something that will cover some of the problems that have already surfaced and others to come later.  Leaving on Saturday.  All will be ready in time.

Monday, September 17, 2018

We've filled Shiloh right back up again.  More and more people are coming down from Bamenda and surrounding areas each day.  Today we have pastors who have escaped the war.  Some stay with us for just a few days as they find more permanent housing.  All white people have been told to get out, and so they have.  Tomorrow we have a missionary family coming in for several days with a brand new baby.  People think they are out of the NW and SW for two months.  Hard to believe things will have changed enough in that length of time.  I highly doubt we will be going back to business as normal.  But time will tell.  We take it one day at a time and do what we can to make people's lives easier. 

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Tonight Romeo and I finished studying the Old Testament.  We've been at it for a long time now.  He has taken copious notes and has asked endless questions.  And he has learned a lot.  Now we are going to study the New Testament.  He's eager to have a good grasp of the whole Bible.  It's been educational for both of us.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

It was an ordinary day.  We had three rooms to clean before ten thirty when our next guests arrived.  And we filled Shiloh back up before noon.  Then we made a lovely meal for one of our guests.  From there it was washing dishes and other ordinary things.  At days end we are falling into bed ready for a good night sleep.  Oh, and we did turn someone away.  You have make reservations early if you want a room at Shiloh.  We are very popular.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Yesterday we learned that there is a problem with Pastor Ndzana regarding us and the work in Eyene.  So we called he and Damien in today to meet with us.  Guy came too as well as Dorothy and Doris as we were all at the Bible Conference.  We discussed issues for three hours before we came to a halt.  The long and short of it is that Ndzana would like to get a salary from us, one way or another.  We were not forthcoming with the funds, so I guess the problem will continue.  Not sure we resolved anything, but the culture is  big on discussions, so I guess that counted for something.  Another bone of contention was communion.  Jim voiced our opinion that the Bible says any child of God (and we would add male by inference) can administer communion.  But Ndzana (and Damien by association) feels that Old Testament Levitical law applies.  For him a man must be ordained, wearing pastoral robes, and using a communion service in order for communion to be administered.  We will be discussing this some more in the village in a week when Guy, Dorothy, Jim and I join Damien for three days.  We have to come to a resolution.  We didn't expect that planting a church would be easy.